ThemeForest Updates - TechCrunch, Competition, WordPress Book + Stats!


It's been three weeks since we launched ThemeForest our marketplace for Web Templates & WordPress Themes and a lot has happened! Since NETTUTS is sort of the unofficial blog of ThemeForest, I thought I'd write up some updates here.


Since we started Envato some two and a half years ago, I've always hoped we'd get featured on the super popular (and my favourite) blog TechCrunch. And on Saturday morning I was reallllllly pleased to wake up to find that ThemeForest had got us there! The traffic isn't huge (about 1000 visitors) but it's a great boost for our little company, and lends us some credibility.

WordPress Book

9 months ago, I started work on an ebook - How To Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer - and recently with the help of NETTUTS contributor Harley Alexander, the book is finally complete. I'm editing the last two chapters now and then as a very special promotion we're going to offer it completely, totally freely via ThemeForest. All you will need to do is be an "author" on the site (which takes just a few minutes).

We're hoping it will encourage more people to try out authoring themes. The book is 9 chapters long, includes 3 WordPress themes and is pretty extensive. After the two weeks of promotion it's going to be on sale for $29. Naturally we'll announce the book giveaway right here on NETTUTS!

File Numbers and Sales

So far we have 110 Web Templates, just under 40 WordPress Themes, 8 Joomla themes and a handful of miscellaneous themes for PHPBB, Vanilla and other CMSes.

Our highest selling file is Our Community by Kai Loon which has sold $1800 worth - not bad when the site's only just launched! Of this the author has taken a third of that with a long tail of income still to come and exclusivity %'s kicking in.

It's early days yet, but Kai Loon's is not the only file selling really strongly. Visit the Popular Files page to see some of the others. Here are a couple of my favourites:

7 Days left to Author and Win $1800

Our ThemeForest Launch competition has just 7 days to go, and the leaderboard is wide open. So if you've got a few days with not much work on, perhaps now is the time to build a little portfolio of items!

More Marketing :-)

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm in charge of marketing ThemeForest, and I'll be working hard to push the site out there. In October watch out for a huge $50,000 giveaway, the WordPress book, some NETTUTS theme tutorials, as well as lots of regular promotion like advertising.

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