Theme Tumblr Like a Pro: Upcoming Rockable Book


I'm pleased to announce the upcoming release of the book I've been sporadically referencing on Twitter for the last month or so: "Theme Tumblr Like a Pro." There's a reason why Tumblr's popularity has sky-rocketed in the last few years: it's amazingly intuitive, and allows you to rapidly build dynamic websites in a matter of hours.

As with my previous book, I've included companion screencasts with each chapter. This means that, whether you prefer the written word or screencasts, we have you covered.

Theme Tumblr Like a Pro: Upcoming Rockable Book

What's in it for you?

Focusing on the fundamentals, this book takes you from front to back. You'll learn about:

  • The fundamentals: template tags, basic structure
  • Blocks
  • The various post types and variables
  • Build a theme
  • Working with the Tumblr API
  • Passing Tumblr-specific values to your JavaScript
  • Adding enhanced functionality with JavaScript and the API
  • A plethora of miscellaneous recipes
  • Working with custom meta types to create an options panel, which then provides maximum flexibility for the user of the theme
  • And plenty more...

Save $19 and get a Free Book

The book won't be out for one more week, however, as always, those who are on the Rockin' List (takes five seconds to sign up) will receive a voucher for $19 dollars off the cost of the book.

"The Rockin’ List is our irregular mailout about new books and products, discounts and offers and Rockable news. Signing up to the mailing list will get you a free copy of the Rockstar Personal Branding minibook by Skellie."

I'll obnoxiously keep everyone posted on when the book officially comes out. Strangely, there simply aren't many Tumblr resources and screencasts available around the web for those looking to switch over from a framework, like WordPress. Hopefully, this will help! Bye!

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