The Largest jQuery Class in the World


A couple weeks ago, Tuts+ Premium launched a free new real-time course, called "30 Days to Learn jQuery." After signing up, each member receives an email, linking to a new video lesson for an entire month.

I'm pleased to announce that, after only two weeks into the course, we've amassed the largest jQuery class in the world, with 40,000 registered students!

You Can Still Sign Up

If you never got around to signing up for the course, you still can; there's no deadline. Even after I publish the final "Lesson 30," the course will continue to be freely available forever.

The Largest jQuery Class in the World

For those of you who have some experience with jQuery, the final two weeks of the course will focus on higher level concepts, such as templating, code organization, deferreds, and much more. It's okay to jump ahead, if you already know the essentials!

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