Reader's Poll: What WordPress 3.3 Features Are You Looking Forward To Most?


WordPress 3.3 is on the horizon! What features are you looking forward to the most when it comes out later in November? We've already written about the new features... now it's your time to pick your favorites! Hint: We'll be writing up tutorials based on the poll results!

The Poll

You can read more about all of these features in our latest WordPress 3.3 Beta 2 Article!

We'll be using the poll results as a guiding rod for the new 3.3 tutorials over the next couple months, so don't pass up on this one if you're excited to use any of the new features.

What Do You Think?

Everyone's going to have a different answer here based on how you use WordPress and what the major selling points (and pain points) are for your workflow - I'm personally really looking forward to the new media uploader and the admin bar improvements... but I can see how each of the new features has been carefully crafted to bring WordPress ever closer to platform bliss. What about you though?

Start the discussion up below by sharing WHY you're looking forward to these features... or better yet, list some features that you want that aren't on this list!

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