Premium Members Now Have Access to Ae Premium


Now that we've added Aetuts+ to our Premium family, Premium members will begin to receive weekly bonus tutorials and AE project files for Aetuts+. We hope you've also been enjoying your access to exclusive tutorials, video lessons, source files, brushes, audio samples and vector packs from Nettuts+, Psdtuts+, Audiotuts+ and Vectortuts+. Thank you so much for supporting the sites and helping us to cover costs - with mounting bandwidth, content and management expenses, these sites would not exist without their Plus members!

With 5 sites now offering Premium content, $19 a month gives you universal access to each - a little under $2 per month for each site. This moves us closer to our goal of offering the best possible low-cost, high-quality education to creatives. If you're not a Plus member, don't miss-out: you can join now.

If you've ever been interested in learning more about motion graphics, now is a great time to start. Premium members can log-in and immediately download a collection of AE project files and a two-part tutorial from AE legend Lloyd Alvarez. To read more about Ae Plus, click here. Not a Premium member yet? You can learn more or join now.

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