Open Discussion: LinkedIn for Developers?


Over at FreelanceSwitch, we've had a few posts recently discussing the usefulness of networking sites like LinkedIn for freelance professionals: 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn, Are You Getting Clients on LinkedIn? In last year’s Freelancer’s Survey we learned that (among other things): a) a growing portion of freelancers indicated they’re finding more clients using social media and b) many of those freelancers are web developers and programmers.

LinkedIn seems geared towards more traditional employer-employee opportunities, so is it useful for landing development gigs on the side? I'd love to hear the Nettuts+ community weigh in! Do you use LinkedIn? Has LinkedIn ever landed you a gig or new opportunity? I was curious what the web developer demographic was for a network like LinkedIn, so I pulled up the stats:

  • 659,000 members currently list themselves as web developers.
  • 1.8 million members identify themselves as developers.
  • 817,000 members use "programmer" in their title.
  • Many major tech and web companies use LinkedIn to field new hires, including Google, eBay, Rackspace and more.
  • LinkedIn boasts some active web developer communities like End to End Web Developers and Open Source group. Also a Q&A section on Web Development.

Do you use LinkedIn to get in touch with other developers or clients? Participate in any active developer Groups? Share in the comments below!

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