Nettuts+ Quiz #1: Beginner CSS


In the first of many Nettuts+ quizzes, you'll be able to test your knowledge by solving some nefarious questions. But don't worry, we're starting today by asking you some extremely beginner level CSS questions. Get crackin' after the jump!

CSS is used to...
The C in CSS stands for?
The correct way to link to a stylesheet in the head is?
Which of these is not a valid CSS selector?
What's the effective width of the container?
#container {width: 100px; padding: 10px; margin: 20px;}
How do you define a comment in CSS?
Which of the following is used to display links without an underline?
How do you center an element horizontally?
The # symbol specifies that the selector is...
span { font-size: 12px; padding: 2px; color: #fff; display: inline;}

In the rule above, which of the declarations is irrelevant?

#id {margin: 20px 30px 10px 50px}

The margin-right value will be?

Which property is used to change the size of text?
p div.selected matches?
What is the order of precedence when you're embedding CSS using different methods?
The * selector selects...
Please select an option

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