Net.tuts+ Premium Program Now Open and Triple the Value!


Memberships to our long-awaited Net.tuts+ Premium program are now available. Now you can get even more out of your favorite web development site. In 24 hours we'll be adding our first Net.tuts+ video lesson, an advanced jQuery plug-in screencast, but first we'd like to tell you a bit about the Program.

Here's why we think you're going to love Plus:

1. Exclusive bonus tutorials teaching professional web dev techniques

Once a week Premium members will get access to a bonus tutorial at Net.tuts+. We understand that joining Premium is an investment in your skills as a web developer. We want to make sure that investment pays off. Because of this, each Premiumtutorial teaches skills that professional web developers can use to add extra value for clients and, in doing so, add extra value to your business.

Premium tutorials are authored by accomplished web developers, industry leaders, Net.tuts+ editor Jeffrey Way and other names you’ll recognize. Each tutorial focuses on coding languages and frameworks many web developers are proficient in, such as CSS, XHTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

  • See exactly how the code is built, line by line;
  • Learn sought-after techniques clients will pay big bucks for;
  • Undertake challenging exercises that raise your skills to another level.

“I did the quarterly deal, not to save money, but to not have to worry about it for 3 months. I wish there was an annual option. $19/month is a steal for the quality of content available here.” — Adam Jackett on Psd.tuts+

2. Screencasts make learning complicated techniques easy

Net.tuts+ Premium tutorials will almost always have accompanying video, whether they are pure screencasts or written tutorials with a video companion. At Tuts+ we’ve found that video lessons provide the clearest and most engaging training platform.

  • Stream video lessons to learn at your own pace;
  • Engaging commentary means lessons are never dry.

“I pay—well, my wonderful parents pay—over $500 for my PCgraphics class, and I have learned more in a $19 subscription period of one month here than all year at school.” — Nico Valencia on Psd.tuts+

3. Premium is now your Skeleton Key to the entire Tuts+ Network

Your single Premium membership now gives you access not only to Net.tuts+, but to Psd.tuts+ and Vector.tuts+ Plus content.You will also gain access to any sites that go Plus in future. Your Plus membership will now give you access to three bonus high-end tutorials each week (one on each Plus site) and hundreds of sample file downloads at Psd.tuts+ and Vector.tuts+. This is a learning suite any web developer can afford. This works out at only $3 per site, per month, and even less if you go for the quarterly subscription. You'll be adding impressive value to your web development and design business.

Plus Programs

“This is the cleanest, most professional PSD tutorial website on the net and the small monthly fee is nothing compared to the quality of material here. Keep up the good work.” — mattems on Psd.tuts+

What does it cost?

Premium membership is $19 a month, or $22 per quarter. For the cost of a magazine subscription you can get access to all of the following:

  • Weekly video lessons by industry leaders;
  • Access to all past and future video lessons;
  • Sought-after techniques in web development across a range of common coding languages and frameworks;
  • Membership to Psd.tuts+ and Vector.tuts+;
  • Access to our Tuts+ bonus content and features.

“$19 is cheap for what you give me.” — Ryan on Psd.tuts+

Worth $19? We think so.

And that’s why if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back, in full. It’s our 100% money back guarantee. Just follow these instructions and we’ll give you a full refund.

Remember, your Net.tuts+ membership also grants you access to both Vector.tuts+ and Psd.tuts+. That’s three Premium programs for one small membership fee.

So what are you waiting for?

Join Now for $19 a Month

A Better Plus Interface

Although the content on Premium has always been stellar, we'll admit we've had a bit of a sub-standard Premium website. Well no more, because along with our rebranding we've got a new and improved Premium system for you to use, take a look at some screenshots:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

Earn 25% Monthly on Referrals!

Affiliate Banner

And last but not least, we are officially launching our Affiliate Program today. You'll be able to earn 25% of the monthly payments of any member you refer for the first year. That means as a referrer you can build up a nice, steady, monthly income through a proven product that literally thousands of people use and enjoy. And with today's announcements, that Plus program is even better value for money than ever!

You can grab the full terms and conditions here as well as information on how to sign up, and lots of banners!

Development Stuff!

Finally because this is Net.tuts+, you may be interested to know how we built the new Premium and Tuts+ sites. Thanks to the hard work of our obscenely talented web dev Derek Herman, the Tuts+ site is in fact three sites meshed together to look like it's just one.

When you first arrive you're looking at a WordPress installation, hooked up with a customized jQuery dashboard homepage based on the Net.tuts+ tutorial Mimic iGoogle. Then when you sign in, you're using a hacked up version of aMember, a PHP membership script you can pick up for $180. AMember provides all the membership, account, and affiliate functionality. Finally once you go to see the Premium content, you're into a third WordPress installation, customized to allow sorting and searching of items (which are actually Posts).

So there you have it, a study in hacking together open source software and off-the-shelf PHP products, then coating it all with a smooth front-end, Tuts+ style :-)

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