Nettuts+ Gets a New Editor Today & Vectortuts+ Launched


I'm very excited to announce that today our new NETTUTS editor Raj Dash is starting. As Site Editor, Raj will be getting to work on slowly bringing our publishing schedule up to speed, making sure everyone gets replied to a lot quicker (something I'm notoriously bad at) and generally steering the site.

Meet Raj Dash

Raj is a long time blogger having been a permanent author at Performancing, blog editor at Tubetorial and worked on many other well known blogs. He's also a self confessed geek who loves WordPress, coding and the web.

I'm sure Raj is going to do a fabulous job here at NETTUTS and you'll bear with him as he gets up to speed with the site this week. Welcome Raj!

Learn Vectors

Today we've once again expanded the TUTS franchise, this time into the world of illustrator, eps's and all things vector with VECTORTUTS. The site is being edited by Sean Hodge (our PSDTUTS editor) and went up a few hours ago. So if you're into vectors, head over and bookmark it!

As For Me ...

With Raj taking over here, I'm off to work on a few new projects that the NETTUTS audience will be interested in. One is a flash tutorial site that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, due date is probably late July. And the other two are new marketplace sites similar to FlashDen and AudioJungle, which if all goes to plan should launch in July and August.

So it's going to be a big few months! Still I'll be popping in now and again with a tutorial as I have a few on my list to write. So until then!

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