Learn Android SDK Development From Scratch!


Interested in learning native Android SDK development? Now is the perfect time to get started! Mobiletuts+ is pleased to announce an in-depth, fully up-to-date session on how to become an Android SDK developer.

Five Reasons to Learn Native Android Development

  • Market Opportunity: According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Android phones comprise 68.1% of the smartphone market worldwide, with over 104.8 million units sold.
  • Career Advancement: Mobile developers are in high demand. Already know HTML5 or iOS? Adding native Android SDK development to your resume will only enhance your competitiveness in the market.
  • Cross-Platform Distribution: If you've been successful with a native application on iOS, Windows, or Blackberry, learning the Android SDK will allow you to port your app natively to the Android platform.
  • Innovative Freedom: The Android Market has far fewer restrictions than the iOS App Store. This means you are primarily limited only by the hardware and your imagination; not seemingly arbitrary business rules.
  • Academic Enhancement: Understanding the fundamentals of the Android SDK will introduce you to a new programming paradigm, regardless of whether you have a prior background in mobile development or not.

As you can see, we think learning the Android SDK is a worthwhile investment of time. By the end of this casually paced yet comprehensive session, we hope you'll agree!

Session Format

Over the next month and a half, we will be releasing weekly tutorials on getting started with the Android SDK. The tutorials in this session will cover everything you need to know to become comfortable working with the SDK and begin writing Android applications. We will also release interviews with successful Android developers and will quiz you on your understanding of the material.

Tutorials published to-date include:

This list will be updated weekly as new content is published. Check back soon!

Session Preparation

In order to prepare for this session, you may want to read through the Mobiletuts+ Learn Java for Android SDK Development series. Java is the programming language used by the Android SDK, and you'll need to be at least somewhat familiar with Java syntax in order to build native SDK apps.

What Do You Want to Build?

Planning on following along? Sound off in the comments section below to let us know what kind of Android applications you would like to build.

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