Language Wars: Sign Up


Hey, guys! I'm launching a new series on Nettuts+ soon, and I need your help! The series is called "Language Wars," and will provide two developers -- who have differing views on a particular subject -- with a pedestal to speak their peace.

If this sounds like fun, and you'd like to make some extra money, sign up in the comments!

I Don't Get It

Okay, for example, the first entry, "jQuery vs. MooTools" will feature a die-hard fan from each camp. They'll then have the opportunity to answer a handful of questions, and illustrate why they prefer one library over the other. Future postings could spotlight "CodeIgniter vs. Kohana," "PHP vs. Ruby," etc.

How Do I Submit?

There are a handful of rules and requirements that must be met, in order to be selected to represent your "team."

  1. This is all in good fun. We're not looking for mean-spirited, heated debates. Respect is key.
  2. In exchange for your opinions, each participant (2 per entry) will receive $100. Your name and company will also be promoted on the posting, if you wish.
  3. You must be relatively well established in your field. This should come in the form of at least 5 years of real-word experience with that particular language or framework. Please don't apply within the comments unless you genuinely feel that you have a high-level understanding of the concepts and reasoning behind your choice.
  4. No winner will be declared. This isn't about that; it's simply a fun way to discuss your opinion.

Upcoming Episodes

  • jQuery vs. Mootools
  • PHP vs. Ruby
  • CodeIgniter vs. Kohana
  • .NET vs. Any Popular PHP Framework
  • Chrome Developers Tools vs. Firebug
  • JavaScript Libraries vs. Vanilla JS
  • Myspace vs. Friendster (...kidding)

So that's it! Who's game? This should be fun and educational!

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