Getting Good With JavaScript: New Rockable Book (Plus a Free Sample!)


You've been writing HTML and CSS for a while now, and are pretty comfy with it. Scratch that: you're uber-comfy with it. And you're ready to move on to the next level. But that means learning JavaScript! Yikes!

Learning JavaScript isn't as hard as you might think. However, there's a bit of a problem: there's a lot of bad information out there. And how are you—the HTML and CSS expert who knows nothing about JavaScript—supposed to discern the good from the bad?

You Needn't do it Alone!

In Getting Good With JavaScript, I'll quickly take you from novice to advanced novice! "Wait, what?" you respond. Yes, advanced novice. Let me explain:

There's more to learn about JavaScript than anyone could put into a single book. This book doesn't get anywhere close to attempting that. It doesn't even try to cover everything the normal JavaScript-for-beginners book covers. Instead, I'll give you a solid foundation by clearly explaining all the basic syntax. Once that settles, we'll go on to covering several important concepts, features, and best practices.

Book Cover
eBook (PDF, ePub, and Kindle) and Screencasts - $19 - Buy Now
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Best Practices?

. . . that reminds me: I've attempted to make this book pure as a blank text editor. You won't find any bad practices or bad features (gasp! They do exist.) outlined herein, not even for the sake of completeness. As a beginner, you can be sure that everything you're learning is considered best practice by the industry heavyweights.

So, no, this book isn't the JavaScript book to rule them all. And that's not the goal. If this book takes you from not knowing a thing about JavaScript to being comfortable with writing (relatively) simple code and ready to learn intermediate and advanced techniques from the plethora of awesome sources available on the web, it will have done its job.

What You're Getting

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: The Basics
  • Chapter 3: More Basics
  • Chapter 4: More Concepts and Best Practices
  • Chapter 5: Working with HTML

It's all packed into about 140 pages; plus, it comes with almost 6 hours of screencasts, and over 100 example files.

The Official Pitch

Ever wanted to spice up your websites with a dash of JavaScript, but not known where to start? In Getting Good with JavaScript, author Andrew Burgess breaks programming in JavaScript down into easy, straight-forward principles and practices.

This book will introduce you to important programming concepts, show you how to write your first scripts, and make you comfortable with JavaScript code. You'll learn

  • The basics of types, variables, and operators
  • Best practices for efficient coding
  • Testing and optimizing your JavaScript
  • Interacting with HTML elements

Andrew Burgess will help you get past the learning curve and get you Getting Good with JavaScript.

eBook (PDF, ePub, and Kindle) and Screencasts - $19 - Buy Now
Print Book, eBooks, and Screencasts - $24 - Buy Now

Sample Pages

Nothing beats trying before buying, right? You can check out some sample pages for absolutely free right here, right now.

About the Author

Well, you guys all know me, right? I'm a staff writer here at Nettuts+. I'm also the Web Development Reviewer on the Tuts+ Marketplace. I've been working with the web for 5-6 years now, and prefer JavaScript and Ruby over anything else.

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