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Win a Copy of "Unity 3D Game Development by Example" - Winners Announced


They're good to us over at Packt Publishing; this week Packt are giving away 3 copies of Unity 3D Game Development by Example to Activetuts+ readers! Check out our interview with author Ryan Henson Creighton and you'll soon figure out why you have to get your hands on a copy… Find out how to enter after the jump!

Winners Announced!

I'm afraid the draw has already taken place! Congratulations to @ajs9, @curtking & @rabbitStudio! Nevermind if you weren't one of the lucky three, keep following @envatoactive and you'll hear of plenty more giveaways soon ;)

Unity 3D Game Development by Example

Unity 3D Game Development by Example

Beginner game developers are wonderfully optimistic, passionate, and ambitious. But that ambition is often dangerous! Too often, budding indie developers and hobbyists bite off more than they can chew. Some of the most popular games in recent memory – Doodle Jump, Paper Toss, and Canabalt, to name a few – have been fun, simple games that have delighted players and delivered big profits to their creators. This is the perfect climate for new game developers to succeed by creating simple games with Unity 3D, starting today.

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