Drawing Activetuts+ to a Close


Activetuts+ launched in 2009 with the aim of teaching how to build websites, apps, animations, and interfaces in Flash. Much has changed in the industry over the past few years, and Activetuts+ has evolved several times to continue teaching relevant content.

As of today, we are going to be drawing Activetuts+ to a close in order to concentrate our focus on better covering several exciting new areas of education.

After the break we'll be explaining our thinking behind the decision, what we'll be doing with our archive of content, and our plans for the future.

The Evolution of Activetuts+

The web design and development industry has changed a great deal since the original launch of Activetuts+, and we've gradually evolved to keep pace with changing development practices.

Over the past year, we've moved away from teaching how to create Flash websites, and instead focused on browser-based apps and games. While this remains a relevant topic for many developers, we don't feel that we're able to do it justice with our existing legacy of content.

Because of this, we've made the decision to draw Activetuts+ to a close, and stop publishing any new content after the end of this month. We're going to be investing the time and resources we save into several new projects that will have a clearer focus around exciting new topics.

Facts, Figures, and Our Content Archive

Since 2009 we've published almost 900 articles on Activetuts+ from 200 different writers, received over 50 million pageviews, and provided 375,000 hours of learning. We're incredibly proud to have served so many readers over the past few years, and I'm pleased that we will be able to leave our archive of content available!

All the content we've published to date will remain available on the site as an archive, and we won't be taking anything down. You'll still be able to browse through all our tutorials at Activetuts+, and search through our catalog of older posts.

Plans for the Future

We have some very exciting plans for Tuts+ over the coming months, including new features, new community projects, and — most importantly — several new Tuts+ sites!

We think you're really going to love the new projects we have in store, and would love for you to remain part of the Tuts+ community. You can stay up to date with these new developments through our central Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts — as well as joining the community at related sites such as Nettuts+.

Thank You!

I'd like to offer a huge thank you to the editors of Activetuts+ who have overseen the site since 2009 — Michael James Williams, and formerly Ian Yates.

Also to the readers who have helped to make Activetuts+ a friendly community over the past few years, and in particular to our talented team of writers who have contributed their time and knowledge to build up such a useful archive of educational material.

We hope you'll enjoy reading the new sites we have planned over the coming months, and look forward to sharing our awesome educational content with you for many years to come!

A Note from Michael

I would like to extend my thanks as well. Thanks to all of our writers; I've enjoyed working with and learning from each of you. And thanks to all of you readers, for your comments, your retweets, your feedback and your support. I've really enjoyed being a part of this community. Yes, it's sad that Activetuts+ is drawing to a close - but just wait till you see what we have lined up next! — Michael James Williams

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