Decoding HTML5: My New Book


Hey guys! I have a few fun things to announce. After months of work, my new book, Decoding HTML5, is finally available. Even better, though, I've managed to work out a special arrangement with Rockable Press to offer much, much more.

The Book - $19

Decoding HTML5

Toying with new JavaScript APIs is like Christmas for me!

Toying with new JavaScript APIs is like Christmas for me! So when I set out to write this book, I had one goal in mind: decipher that incredibly confusing spec into something that any John Q. designer or developer can understand. It’s what I wish I had in the beginning.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wish there was somebody who could sit next to me and make me understand this code…because I don’t!” I’ve been in that position countless times.

Well, if you can relate, I think this book just might do the trick. Rather than using high level jargon that no beginner could possibly understand, I’ve done my best to break these complicated concepts into chunks that everyone can grasp.

I cover everything from the new semantic elements, to form enhancements, to a variety of the new JavaScript APIs, such as web workers, web storage, and geolocation.

Now Available: $19

HTML5 Fundamentals

In addition to the book, I've also released my latest Tuts+ Premium course, called "HTML5 Fundamentals."

HTML5 Fundamentals Screencast Course

Split into two chunks, this first course - geared specifically for those of you who prefer visual training - will get you up and running with HTML5 in no time. It's the perfect companion to Decoding HTML5. The follow-up, "Advanced HTML5," is scheduled for May-June.

A Special Arrangement

I'm very excited to announce that I was able to work out a special arrangement with Rockable Press.

Beginning today, Decoding HTML5 has already been added to the Tuts+ Premium library.

For those unfamiliar, Tuts+ Premium provides top-notch education in the creative fields. You might be familiar with the massively popular (and free) "30 Days To Learn jQuery"? That was part of Tuts+ Premium, and there are countless more courses and ebooks on the site just like it. A monthly membership to the site is $19.

So what this means is that you have two choices, if you'd like to pick this book up:

Overall, I really hope you enjoy the book!

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