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Color Inspiration: Wonderful Uses of Beige


Beige and tan are most often used in websites simply as background colors. They're commonly seen used in paper textures, grunge sites, or, occasionally, as a solid-colored background. The advantage is that, because they're neutral, they can easily be combined with any number of other colors without clashing.

The websites shown below offer a pretty complete picture of how beige and tan are used in today's website designs. There are twenty five sites included, but please feel free to share more within the comments.

The Theme Foundry

All For Design

James Charlick

True Design


Eighty Two Design




I am Docto

Tenth Time

Make Film Work


Mr. Simon Collison


Noora Katto



Carol Rivello

Cooper Graphic Design

People 82

Christopher Barrett - Photographer

Mutt Ink

Sprocket House


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