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Bringing the Magazine to the Web


The rise of blogs on the web has brought a quick and easy way for anyone to publish their thoughts online without having to get down and dirty with HTML. Just write your content, hit 'Publish,' and your thoughts are instantly available for the masses to read.

For all the good that blogs have done, they've made the internet look predictable when compared to articles printed in a magazine which look completely unique, each with their own art style and layout. As Greg Storey pointed out in a blog post from 2006, "before there were blogs we had websites. Beautiful, random websites that felt more like a zine – one page looking nothing like the one before or after it".

Most larger blogs may have a unique theme, but each blog post looks the same. Most posts we read everyday share the same common layout:

In breaking this trend, several bloggers have begun giving each post a unique layout, colour scheme and art style. Their posts look more akin to a magazine article than the typical blog post. The posts stand out from the crowd, like a zebra amongst a field of horses.

“Before there were blogs we had websites. Beautiful, random websites that felt more like a zine – one page looking nothing like the one before or after it” – Greg Storey

Below is a round-up of forty beautiful looking blog posts from fourteen sites which break out of the mentality that every page on a website should look the same.

1. Gregory Wood

2. Marcel's Blogazine

3. Jason Santa Maria

4. PeepCode

5. Danny Garcia

6. Chris Coyier

7. Avoid Contact With Eyes

8. Paddy Donnelly

9. iamsteve

10. Jack Cheng

11. Dustin Curtis

12. Metalab Design

13. Smashing Magazine

14. Panic Blog

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