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Best of the Web - June 2008


It's time for a web roundup for June 2008. Like Collis' mentioned in last month's roundup, these take a long time because there's so much reading material to distract from the main goal: a list of relevant links for you NETTUTS readers. Enjoy.


  • 50 css navivation scripts

    50 Nice Clean CSS Tab-Based Navigation Scripts

    Like tabbed interfaces? has over 50 CSS navigation scripts that use jQuery and other means to produce tab-based pages.

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  • best of css design jun 2008

    Best of CSS Design June 2008

    CSS Gallery CSSBuilt gives us a selection of 32 great site design favorites, based on user submissions.

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  • 13 CSS designs on CssLeak

    June's Best: 13 CSS Designs on CssLeak

    Another gallery, CssLeak, offers a selection of their favorite CSS designs, as submitted by their users.

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  • CSS editors reviewed

    CSS Editors Reviewed

    For those of you that do a lot of web design using CSS, if you're not already doing so, you might want to consider using a CSS editor. Smashing Magazine has a handy review of 19 CSS Editors for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, as well as a list of some alternate tools.

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  • faux CSS absolute positioning

    Faux Absolute Positioning

    Does CSS element positioning get you down when doing cross-browser testing? Eric Sol at A List Apart reveals a faux positioning technique that apparently requires no hacks. It works in all modern browsers (not sure about FF3) and older ones such as IE6 and IE5.5/Win, but not IE5/Mac (which has been discontinued).

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  • Floating elements in CSS grid

    CSS: Fun With Floating in the Grid

    If you're interested in the grid-based approach to web design but not ready to use a CSS grid framework, check out Devlounge's simplified look at grid-like design.

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JavaScript & JS Libraries

  • 20 MooTools tutorials

    20 MooTools Tutorials and Examples

    MooTools fans should check out Six Revisions' list of MooTools tutorials and examples. The list is separated into beginner, intermediate/ advanced, and working examples.

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  • 8 jQuery resource sites

    jQuery Resources - 8 Essential Sites

    Short and to the point, WebDevLounge gives their esential jQuery resource sites, including one I haven't heard of, jQuery for Designers - which ironically has mostly text on their home page.

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  • DhoniShow inline image gallery

    DhoniShow: Easy Inline Image Gallery

    DhoniShow is an image Gallery script that works over Prototype 1.5+ ( is optional). The result is an attractive inline gallery with transition effects. [via FortySomething]

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  • AJAX shortcuts for jQuery and MooTools

    jQuery: AJAX Shortcuts for Champions

    Actually, the title's misleading because the article shows very simply how "to AJAX-ify any site through the copious use of either jQuery or Mootools." The demo code provides both GET/ POST examples for pulling data asynchronously.

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Content Management Systems

  • 25 outstanding WordPress designs

    25 Outstanding WordPress Designs

    Six Revisions makes this month's list again with their 25 outstanding WordPress designs list.

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  • using gravatars in WordPress permalink posts

    Getting Gravatars on Your Single Posts in WordPress

    Want to display an author gravatar on your WordPress post pages? It's incredibly easy. Thord Hedengren shows you how over at Devlounge.

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  • AUDIOTUTS digital audio tutorials

    AUDIOTUTS Launches! Tutorials Up

    Ok, this isn't web devleopment, but I couldn't resist announcing yet another great TUTS website. AUDIOTUTS will cover - you guessed it - digital audio tutorials. Two great audio tutorials are up already, and contributions are open. Skellie, whom some of you may know from her sites and as editor of FreelanceSwitch (another site), will be editing. Payment is $150 per tutorial, and AUDIOTUTS needs a regular tutorial writer as well as a one-off writers. Check out the Contribute page for more detals.


  • Interview with Collis Ta'eed

    Interview With Collis Ta'eed

    I mentioned this the other day, but this it's worth mentioning again. If you want to see into the mind of Collis Ta'eed, one of the geniuses behind all these TUTS sites, then go check out Fuel Your Creativity's interview with him. There's also a list of new TUTS sites coming soon.

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  • 2008 design trends

    2008 Design Trends

    WebDesignerWall's large collection of website screenshots is visually stimulating and catalogs some of the web design trends for this year.

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  • designer resources

    30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download

    This article at Positive Space has enough links to articles, resources, and other info related to web and graphic design, coding, freelancing and other topics to keep you busy reading for awhile.

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  • design promotion sites

    19 Websites to Promote Your Design News

    CssLeak has a handy list of nineteen sites - some with voting - where you can submit design-related news and articles. Included in the list are some of our TUTS sites, where you can use the USER+ Community Link Feed to submit links.

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  • web developer knowledge

    10 Things Any Web Developer Worth Their Spit Should Know

    The title says it all. Search-This offers some must-know web development ideas/ concepts/ techniques. It's likely you know a lot of them, but it never hurts to be reminded.

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  • web charting scripts

    10 Free Chart Scripts

    Producing dynamic charts for websites probably doesn't come up as a requirement all that often, but it's good to know some of your options if it does. WebTecker lists ten free chart scripts based on JavaScript, Java, Flash or Sliverlight.

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  • flexible web page layout and design

    Flexible Layouts: Challenge for the Future

    Those of you who have Firefox 3 probably know of some of the great new features such as Full Page Zoom. But what happens to web page layouts under FPZ and other new features? Some of you have commented at NETTUTS about how one demo or another doesn't work properly in FF3. And what about flexible layouts, mobile browsers, and other web design issues? Dirk Jesse, developer of the YAML CSS framework, guests at Smashing Magazine and discusses these issues plus how to produce flexible layouts with YAML.

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