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Hey everyone! Today we're proud to announce the launch of Mobile Premium, a source of additional high-end mobile development tutorials available at the low cost of $19 a month. Revenue from the membership is used to pay for all the free tutorials we offer, as well as to pay the wages of staff, cover bandwidth, and other costs. Members will immediately have access to two cutting-edge bonus tutorials covering augmented reality: iOS SDK Augmented Reality: Camera Setup, and Android SDK Augmented Reality: Camera and Sensor Setup. Additional bonus tutorials for members will be added each month.

Read on to learn what you get as part of your Premium membership.

Additional High-end Tutorials

Several times a month Premium members will get access to high-end Mobile development tutorials taught by industry professionals. These tutorials go above and beyond the free content on the site, going into greater depth regarding topics already covered on the site or covering more cutting edge technologies and techniques. We guarantee that you'll learn something new - literally! We offer a full money-back guarantee on your membership for the first month. For the price of a pizza, it's worth becoming a Premium member.

Premium will be regularly updated with new mobile development content several times a month. To begin with we have two fantastic tutorials available immediately to Tuts+ Premium members:

iOS SDK Augmented Reality: Camera Setup

Mark Hammonds

The concept of Augmented Reality (AR) has received a groundswell of interest in recent years as the iPhone and other mobile devices have placed evermore powerful processors, sensors, and cameras into the hands of millions of people across the globe. For the first time since the term was coined in the 1990s, the average consumer can now peer through the screen of their smartphone and find a layer of reality they never knew existed.

This Mobiletuts+ premium series will venture into the world of both Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. It will demonstrate, step-by-step, how to merge the iPhone camera and sensors with computer graphics to create an ehanced, modified, or even distorted version of the world around you. The emphasis of this tutorial series is on understanding the components available on the iPhone that enable Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences. This will be achieved by creating a simple AR demo, and this tutorial will start us off on that path by tackling the most fundamental task in many AR apps: gaining programmatic access to the device video feed.

Android SDK Augmented Reality: Camera and Sensor Setup

Shane Conder & Lauren Darcey

Augmented reality (AR) is a hot topic in mobile apps today. Smartphones and tablets have the power and the hardware capable of enabling developers to write interesting new applications that incorporate live camera and video feeds, hyper-accurate sensor data, and other real-time user data and layer (or augment) it in interesting ways. Today we’ll begin exploring the world of augmented reality, and what the Android platform has to offer for developers looking to build AR applications and provide deep, rich experiences to their users.

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Premium members don't just get access to mobile development content. Your membership unlocks Premium content from all Tuts+ sites with a Premium program. You'll find hundreds of tutorials on design, web development, audio and music, After Effects, Flash and RIAs, computer graphics, and photography.

With Premium content on 8 different creative and technical topics, the cost for each is a little over $1 a month.

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There are more than 15,000 Premium members. We love hearing wonderful feedback like the comments below:

“I joined Premium in August 2009 and it has taken my skills to the next level.” – Jayman Pandya

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the Tuts+ network. I enjoyed reading the quality tutorials and articles on a near daily basis. Then when I finally broke down and purchased a Premium membership, I realized how much more there is behind these sites. The abundance of free tools and Premium articles make the $19 a month more than worth it!” – Matt

“Premium is an amazing asset that allowed me to turn a mediocre hobby into a raging passion. Nothing can stop me now, as I still continue to learn each and every day.” – David Moreen

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Mobiletuts+ has published hundreds of free tutorials and helped thousands of mobile developers get better at their craft. All our content is paid for and advertising costs do not (unfortunately) cover the costs of content and staff. Premium members are truly the lifeblood of the site and help Mobiletuts+ to be self-sustaining and to constantly improve the quality of content. If Mobiletuts+ has helped improve your mobile development skills, consider giving back by becoming a Premium member.

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