Author Surpasses 10,000 Sales on CodeCanyon


When you can refer to yourself as the first author to surpass 10,000 sales on CodeCanyon, you get a day in your honor on Nettuts+ - no questions asked!


In less than two years, Wim Mostmans -- better known as Sitebase -- created and listed 55 incredible components, and amassed over 10,000 sales.

What does it take to become a massive success on the Envato marketplaces?

  • Certainly talent
  • Persistance
  • Consistency
  • Attention to detail
  • A focus on cosmetics (often overlooked in the coding world)
  • Self promotion
  • Branding

Wim has executed each of these items to perfection, and deserves every penny he's made. Here's to you, Sitebase!

The Best of Sitebase

1. Advanced Backup System

2. Featured Box Slider

3. Ajax Tables

4. Form Processor

5. WordPress Widget Bundle

6. Statusboard

7. API Framework

8. Mobile Site PRO

9. LogPress

10. Extended Google Analytics for Wordpress

11. API Client


So whether you're a buyer of one of Sitebase's items, or simply an envious admirer, please join me in congratulating Wim on this incredible achievement! Well done, buddy!

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