A Staff Writer Position Has Opened


Hi everyone. I'm in need of a weekly writer for NETTUTS. You'll be expected to submit one article/tutorial per week. In return, you'll receive $150 each. If this interests you, read on for the details.

How Do I Apply?

In order to apply, you'll need to prepare a tutorial for us. You're free to choose the topic, but make sure that it falls in line with what we currently post on the site. Once it's finished, zip the files up, and email them to In the subject field, enter "Weekly Writer Position".

What Happens to my Article if I'm Not Chosen?

There are two potential outcomes. If your tutorial is of high quality, but you still aren't picked to be the weekly writer, we'll still post your tutorial and pay you $150. If, on the other hand, your article isn't up to par (shouldn't it be "down" instead of "up"?), we'll politely decline. You'll then be free to post the article on your own site, if you choose.

How Will You Choose?

When reviewing tutorials, I look for several things.

  • Is it well written? Are there grammar mistakes? This is an important one, folks. :)
  • Has the author provided plenty of images? By plenty, I mean 10-20. Take a look at "Web Design Week" over at PSDTUTS....that many images. :)
  • Will our audience enjoy this article? Make sure that you choose an appropriate topic.
  • Has the author explained each step? Many times, I receive submissions that essentially say, "Then paste this code in, and you're done!". You must explain each line as best as you possibly can.
  • Is the content divided correctly? Readers are scrollers. Knowing that, make sure that you use PLENTY of headings, bullets, and blockquotes to help illustrate your points.
  • Format the tutorial correctly. For instructions, look here.

You Must Submit a Tutorial in Order to be Considered.

Otherwise, I'll end up with hundreds of, "I'm interested in the job. Hit me back." emails. When you're ready, email me with a quick introduction (one paragraph will do), and attach your zip file. I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Good luck everyone! Remember, even if you aren't chosen for the job, we still may post your tutorial.

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