Happy New Year!


Where I live, it'll be 2010 in six hours. Wow - 2010! And that means, in five years, we'll be in flying cars where the postal service isn't as efficient as the weather. (First person who names that movie reference will be sent a web dev book.)

As the year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to thank all of you so much. While my job is to edit and create tutorials, I can promise that I've learned far more from the comments of these postings, and I'm grateful for that. I also would like to go over what I have planned for 2010...

More Design

Especially in the last few months, we've managed to focus almost exclusively on development-style tutorials. I can only post what is submitted, and we truthfully haven't received many articles focused on design. That'll be changing in 2010 - and I encourage you to submit your ideas to me at

  • Advanced CSS tutorials
  • The process of designing a website
  • How to build advanced menus
  • Combining CSS and JavaScript
  • Etc.

If you're a successful ThemeForest author, or have some amazing design skills, please do contact me about writing tutorials, and even recording a screencast for our site. Please remember that compensation for Plus tutorials can go as high as $600, depending on the quality of the final product.

Broader Topics

Additionally, we'll be focusing more on Air apps, as well as Ruby/Rails tutorials. If there's anything that we don't cover on Nettuts+, be sure to let me know within the comments. I promise to consider it!


I can't say much, but I'm fairly certain that the design of all the Tuts site will receive another evolutionary "remodeling," so to speak. Going with the great design that we currently have, Collis and Derek will refine the layout further, as well as add some neat new features/categories.

Happy New Year!

So let's meet back here in the next decade! Allie is giving me the evil eye right now - which means I have to close the computer for the night. Bye!

Jeffrey Way

Write a Plus Tutorial

Did you know that you can earn up to $600 for writing a PLUS tutorial and/or screencast for us? We're looking for in depth and well-written tutorials on HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. If you're of the ability, please contact Jeffrey at

Please note that actual compensation will be dependent upon the quality of the final tutorial and screencast.

Write a PLUS tutorial

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