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50 Excellent Image Galleries You Can Use Today


Here are 50 of our favorite free image galleries that you can quickly plug into a design. They've been built with everything from CakePHP to jQuery to Ruby on Rails. A shout-out to all the developers involved in sharing their work with the community!

1. Gallery 2

Gallery 2 has probably the biggest community and is one of the most used gallery scripts on the web.

2. Zenphoto

Zenphoto bills itself as the "simplest, most useful gallery software for your site". The script is built in PHP.

3. Minishowcase

Minishowcase is an simple and tiny php/javascript photo gallery.

4. TripTracker

TripTracker is a small JavaScript image viewer and animated slideshow player.

5. Dynamic Drive CSS Image Gallery

Instead of using JavaScript, the Dynamic Drive CSS Image Gallery is completely powered by CSS.

6. Ajax Photo Gallery

A free Ajax-powered photo gallery that pulls photos from Picasa from XML.

7. SimpleViewer

A free flash-based image gallery script that also comes with an optional Pro version that offers more options and customizations.

8. Jalbum

Jalbum is a hybrid online/offline software that you download to your computer that uploads the image galleries to your space at

9. Coppermine

Like Gallery 2, Coppermine is another "old school" PHP photo album script that has been around for many years.

10. Plogger

Plogger is a PHP gallery script that has useful features like inline ajax photo editing, zip upload files, and the ability to build your own themes.

11. CSS Play

A slick, multi-page gallery built entirely of CSS.

12. Polaroid Gallery

Polariod Gallery is an interesting flash script that arranges your photos (from XML file or Flickr RSS feed) into a gallery of "polaroids".

13. dfGallery

dfGallery is a beautiful free flash gallery script, with customizable themes and an administration section built with the PHP framework CodeIgniter.

14. (E)2 Photo Gallery

An excellent JavaScript photo gallery built with MooTools.

15. AutoViewer

AutoViewer arranges images in a Flash gallery in a specified sequence with images and captions.

16. Smooth Gallery

Yet another JavaScript image gallery built upon the tiny framework MooTools.

17. Satellite

A photo gallery script that allows users to build customizable galleries from their Flickr accounts.

18. Hoverbox

Hoverbox is a simple, lightweight CSS-only image gallery.

19. Flash Gallery

Like the name suggests, Flash Gallery is a simple XML and Flash powered gallery that is easy to customize.

20. HighSlide JS

While not technically a gallery script, HighSlide allows you to easily zoom in and out on pictures, using a simple JavaScript effect.

21. Pixelpost

Pixelpost is a twist on an image gallery script that adds photo blogging into the mix. Open source, fast, and multi-lingual.

22. Script and Style Auto-Generated Photo Gallery

A nifty script that takes a directory of images and creates an image gallery. Built with PHP and JavaScript.

23. Postcard Viewer

A flash script that takes images, places them into "postcards" and rearranges them in a gallery.

24. Andrew Berg's Flash Photo Browser

A simple flash-animated photo browsing script. Simple but fun.

25. Flickr Photo Album for Wordpress

Tan Tan Noodles has a plugin for Wordpress that pulls your Flickr photosets and creates albums in Wordpress.

26. Galleria

Galleria is a lightweight image gallery script based on jQuery.

27. Lightview

A clean, lightweight solution for building simple image and media galleries in overlays.

28. Fancy Zoom

Fancy Zoom is a bit of JavaScript that allows you to zoom in on photos without requiring a second download of the image.

29. Imagevue

A nice flash image gallery that has photo albums, slideshows, and an admin area.

30. jpGalScroll Photo Gallery

A simple gallery snippet built upon jQuery that offers scrolling and pagination.

31. nextgen gallery

nextgen gallery is a robust image gallery plugin for Wordpress users, built upon jQuery.

32. Singapore

Dubbed as the "smallest big gallery", Singapore is a lightweight, powerful image gallery script built on PHP.

33. jQuery Cycle

A plugin for jQuery that let's you "cycle" through galleries of images in different ways.

34. Imagin

A flash photo gallery that can organize pictures into galleries and sub-galleries.

35. Phormer

PHP-based photo gallery that doesn't require a MySQL database and installs in under 3 minutes.

36. Gullery

Gullery is a simple image gallery built with Ruby on Rails. Perfect for a personal portfolio or small image gallery.

37. How to Build a Photo Gallery with CakePHP and Flickr

An interesting tutorial on how to build a web-based image gallery with the PHP framework CakePHP and Flickr.

38. filebrowser

A small PHP application that allows you to thumbnail images for use on the web. Built by Lussumo.

39. FAlbum

A Wordpress-powered image gallery that displays photos and photosets from Flickr.

40. Slimbox 2

A tiny, standards-compliant, fully customizable lightbox image viewer built upon jQuery.

41. Animated JavaScript Slideshow

A slideshow gallery feature script built upon Javascript, in under 5kb.

42. iPhotoToGallery

An iPhoto plugin that makes publishing photos to a Gallery 2 installation much easier.

43. FrogJS Gallery

A simple, unobtrusive gallery script built upon Lightbox, but showcases galleries in a different manner.

44. Create a Spectacular Photo Gallery with MooTools

Nettuts+' very own Jared Rhizor has an excellent tutorial on how to build a simple image gallery with MooTools.

45. Django-based photo gallery tutorial

Simple tutorial on how to build a photo gallery with the Python framework Django.

46. Zen Gallery

Elegant flash gallery scripts and tools for putting photos on your site.

47. folderblog

A free, lightweight PHP script that displays images from a folder into a gallery.

48. Duh Gallery

Yet another simple Wordpress gallery plugin.

49. Original Photo Gallery

A set of scripts that provide a client side script to scale images and publish the images in gallery form.

50. Making the ultimate dynamic image gallery in Flash 8

A guide for intermediate Flash users to build a dynamic image gallery, loaded by XML.

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