Web Roundups

30 Exceptional Web Designs


I've compiled a list of 30 exceptional web page designs for your inspiration. Most of these are relatively new; so they'll hopefully give you some ideas for your next project! Enjoy!

1. Alexarts

Alex uses a very simple but modern interface for his site. Click on any of the sections, and a popup displays.

2. Pampaneo

Pampaneo uses excellent graphics and illustrations to tell a story.

3. Juan Diego Velasco

Juan uses a one page layout and vivid colors for his site.

4. Metalab

Metalab has a very clean and usable interface, as well as some nice JavaScript effects.

5. Serj

Serj features great graphics and a simple and effective layout. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

6. Peter Pearson

Peter also uses a neat one page layout and some cool image effects.


Cole uses excellent vector illustrations and a great choice of colors in his design.

8. Fred Maya

Fred focuses on simplicity, colors, and usability for this nice design.

9. Galvin Castleton

This album site uses a one page horizontal layout and excellent photography.

10. Chris Jennings

Readability is key.

11. Guerra Creative

Excellent graphics and easy to read content.

12. 84 Colors

Cristiana's thinks outside the box with this different layout.

13. Feed Stitch

Feed Stitch's site is a fun, creative, and super creative!

14. We Bleed Design

We Bleed Design uses images creatively to animate the transition through sections.

15. Motty

Mooty's site uses a great illustration in the header, and the content's presentation is excellent.

16. Cerity

Jonathan's portfolio offers a neat interface for viewing his work.

17. Creative People

CreativePeople's page has excellent graphics and an interesting layout.

18. Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare's site is a wonderful example of how a company's site should be presented.

19. Tierra Virtual

This agency's site uses an animated header, and has a modern feel.

20. Merixusa

Cute illustrations -- a creative showcase of their work.

21. Food, Inc

Simple and clean site with nice graphics.

22. Inicio

Beautiful choice of colors here.

23. CCSI

CCSI uses clean graphics and a nice scrolling text effect to draw the reader in.

24. Loodo

This website fits a lot of content into a small space -- seemingly with ease! It also makes use of a cute and creative navigation section.

25. Guifx

Bells and whistles don't always get your point across. Sometimes, simplicity and ease of use is key.

26. Vyniknite

All websites mustn't look identical. Even something as simple as a unique header can make a huge difference.

27. two24studios

Great textures, typography, and navigation in this dark website.

28. Illusiv

Very creative desktop-like interface.

29. Duirwaigh

What a background! Though not appropriate for every site, this one definitely makes an impact.


Wonderfully effective, with plenty of white space. What more could you ask for?

Final Words

I hope you found some inspiration here. I know I did! Be sure to leave a comment to share any additional sites with the rest of us. Good luck on your next project!

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