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10 Awesome New Premium WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon


As part of our massive CodeCanyon push this year, I'm pleased to announce that we've launched not one, but two awesome new categories. The new CSS category features everything from incredible pricing charts, to buttons, to entire frameworks; while the WordPress plugins category is quickly on its way to becoming the premier location for purchasing premium plugins on the web. In fact, I'm betting that we'll be there by the end of the year!

Today, I'd like to show you the first ten new premium WP plugins available on CodeCanyon.

1. Events Calendar Pro

Events calendar pro

The Events Calendar Premium plugin for Wordpress enables you to rapidly create and manage events using the post editor. Features include Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined one click installation. Check out the full screencast here.

2. DDSlider WP

DDSlider WP

DDSliderWP features EVERYTHING that our jQuery plugin already offered PLUS a custom admin panel, with total management of slides.

3. jGallery


This WordPress Gallery Plugin gives you a simple and extremely customizable way to create a gallery on any post or page. You have the option to use widgets or shortcodes to insert your custom gallery into your web site. As well, the look of your gallery is fully customizable through the WordPress admin interface.

4. Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Widget Pro

If you own just one twitter plugin for Wordpress, let it be this one! The only premium twitter plugin out right now – with support for multiple twitter users and includes a ton of premium options. This is the last Twitter plugin you’ll ever need! Check out the full screencast here.

5. WP-Membership


This is a Wordpress plugin that helps you sell your content; you only need to install the plugin, create a category for your private content, setup the prices of your memberships and your Paypal account. Don’t hesitate and purchase it today.

You can easily select the posts you want to sell, manage the memberships you acquire and is fully integrated with Paypal. All you have to do is activate the plugin, setup your memberships and your Paypal account.

6. WordPress Owit

WordPress Owit

This plugin makes it possible for you to upload blog files, directly from the Wordpress media manager to MyOws.

7. WP Auctions

WP Auctions

WP Auctions is a plugin that enables you to host auctions on your self hosted WordPress powered blog or website.

8. All Tagged Up: Automated Post Tagging

All Tagged Up: Automated Post Tagging

Simplify your Wordpress posting workflow with our automated Wordpress post tagger!

Why stumble around trying to determine what keywords from your post(s) are best for getting some extra Search Engine Optimization; while you can let All Tagged Up do the work for you.

9. Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

It’s never been easier to add Google analytics and event tracking to your websites. This in combination with a campaing url generator tool makes a powerfull Wordpress plugin to get the most out of Google Analytics.

10. WordPress Deposit System

WordPress Deposit System

The deposit system is similar to the one they use on ThemeForest (and other Envato sites). The system enables the users to deposit their money into their accounts, and lets the administrator to control all of the cash in his blog & the settings of the system.

But there's always room for more -- and this is a category that will grow in leaps and bounds over the course of this year. If you're a ninja WordPress dev, and want to start profiting from your hard work, be sure to become an author on CodeCanyon, and get started!

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